Oleg Stavitsky – Co-founder and CEO of BUBL

BUBL PATH: from abstract art to 3D cars (micro-talk in Pecha Kucha format)
Oleg will describe the path the BUBL brand has taken – from making abstract digital art for babies to 3D apps about cars. All done by the same team of dedicated artists, composers and designers. Lessons learned, points taken and lots of icons tested.
BUBL is a series of digital art for kids apps that help kids develop their creative skills and better perceive form, color & sound.

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Azadeh Jamalian – Co-founder, Tiggly

A look into design challenges (and solutions) in bringing together physical and digital play  

Azadeh (Azi) Jamalian, PhD, is a co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Tiggly- an exciting new learning company that is on a mission to improve how preschoolers learn on their tablets. Tiggly brings physical play to tablets by designing fun learning toys that interact with the silliest learning apps you can imagine! At Tiggly, she oversees product design, curriculum, and research.

Her talk will be on the design challenges Tiggly has faced in bringing together physical and digital play, and their solutions to design reach and engaging play patterns to support children as “stretchy learners”!

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Matthäus Michalik – Senior Consultant, AKM3

Insight App Store Optimization: How to generate more organic downloads when marketing channels are rare.

Matthäus Michalik is a senior consultant at AKM3 GmbH, a Berlin-based agency that advises companies on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Matthäus has developed strategies for large international brands, optimizing their websites to increase organic traffic, as well as App Store optimization.
His talk will be about why publishing an app does not automatically lead to success. Matthäus will tell you how to optimize your app for Google Play and Apple App Store to generate more downloads and achieve greater success. As part of his talk about the dos and don’ts of app store optimization, he will advise you on how to choose the right keywords and what to change to be better listed and more easily found in app stores.

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Yuval Rechter – SVP Business Development, BabyFirst Mobile

How to climb the charts: a multi-channel marketing strategy

Yuval Rechter is SVP Business Development at BabyFirst Mobile, part of the BabyFirst TV Network for babies toddlers and their parents, available to over 50 million subscribers in the US and 90 million worldwide.
BabyFirst Mobile has recently launched an App Recommendation Network to assist parents finding the most suitable app for the pre-school kids and developers in getting discovered in the Appstores charts.
Yuval´s talk will be on how to successfully market a mobile app to kids (and their parents)? App store optimization and smart social strategies will only take you so far. The most popular kids apps deploy a multi-channel marketing strategy, drawing upon mobile, TV, online, social, influencers, ASO and more. He will share best practices for the multi-channel strategies BabyFirst has seen lead to success, for their own apps and others in their Mobile App Discovery Network.

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Thomas Bleyer – Managing Director of Ravensburger Digital

The H-Factor – Welcome to the world of Hybrid-Toys (Micro-talk in the Pecha-Kucha-format)

Kids love playing with mobile devices – but offering them a purely digital and screen-centric experience is only one way to meet that need and certainly one that parents often have mixed feelings about. Another angle is the wide range of possibilities that come up when the power of mobile technology is combined with innovative toys, physical devices and natural “real world” play patterns. We’ll take you on a 6-minute ride through the world of hybrid games that merge physical and digital gameplay and will provide some great examples of how “the stuff you can actually touch” may just open up a whole new world of creative game development.

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Jørn Alraun – Co-Founder, urbn pockets

Providing the possibility to “Explore Everything”! (Micro-talk in the Pecha-Kucha-format)
Founded in 2011 urbn pockets are a tightly knit team of creative professionals who create charming apps for children.
With a primary focus on education, their apps provide an exciting way to interact and play whilst learning. It is their aim to inspire children’s interests in the world around them and then deliver the answers to their questions.
In his session Jørn will show urbn pockets’ approach of how to extend the fun of an app by switching from receiver to creator, from discovering to making and going from digital to real world and back again.

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Raul A. Gutierrez – CEO & founder, Tinybop

Building The Explorer’s Library & Beyond

Raul Gutierrez is the founder and CEO of Tinybop Inc., a Brooklyn-based studio of designers, engineers, and artists building elegant, educational iOS apps for kids around the globe. Their apps include The Human Body, Plants, and Homes. Tinybop champions curiosity, tinkering, and good plain fun. Inspired by vintage children’s books, toys, and films, the company designs digital toys that dive into the wonders of our everyday world.
Raul is an entrepreneur with a 20-year history in technology and the arts; his talk will trace the development and thinking behind Tinybop’s first five apps talking about what worked and what needed to be improved, and what’s coming next.

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Moritz Hohl – Co-founder, Fox & Sheep

Data driven App development – How to minimize hit risk

Moritz is co-founder of Fox & Sheep, building premium apps for kids worldwide. The most popular apps in the Fox& Sheep portfolio are Nighty Night, Little Builders & Petting Zoo.

Moritz has worked in the kids entertainment space for over 7 years. He started by building a virtual world for kids called Panfu that reached up to 2 million montly active users worldwide.

Moritz will talk about the challenges in the crowded kids space and how data-driven App development allows Fox & Sheep to minimize the risk of its business.

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Marek Przystas – Founder & CEO Duckie Deck

Beyond the Apps

Duckie Deck is a game studio creating apps that support kids’ healthy and well-rounded development while also creating opportunities for learning and play to extend beyond the virtual world.
Marek is the founder and CEO at Duckie Deck and he will speak about alternative business models for app developers and how to monetize apps in B2B.

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Pawel Jarmołkowicz – Co-founder and CEO at Harimata

Turning play into information about child’s development

Pawel Jarmolkowicz is the co-founder and CEO at Harimata: a new, validated behavior test that uses touch-based gameplay to detect the early signs of autism in children as young as two in just one comprehensive assessment.
Pawel will show how Harimata combined mobile games with behavioural psychology and artificial intelligence to detect early signs of autism in children.

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