Wolfgang Schmitz – Co-Founder, Ahoiii Entertainment

Fiete – from an app, to book and beyond.

The cologne based studio Ahoiii develops hand painted kids-apps with a big portion of love and humor. They started developing apps for their own children and they keep an extra eye on simplicity and visual quality.
Their apps are starring the little sailor Fiete, who is traveling around the world since 2012 and will now head towards other media and products.
Wolfgang Schmitz founded Ahoiii Entertainment together with his friends Jan Kloevekorn, Karz von Bonin and Sven Morawek. He is father of a 4 year old son and has over 14 year experience building digital products.Ahoiii will publish their first children picture book around Fiete’s adventures this autumn. Wolfgang will talk about their work and path from an app, to children books and beyond.

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Michael Elman – Co-CEO Budge Studios

Enhancing the experience with premium content 

Michael is Co-CEO of Budge Studios, a global leader in children’s apps publishing, with more than 100 million downloads to date. Budge nurtures creativity, learning and play through  its diverse app portfolio of original and branded properties, including Barbie, Thomas & Friends, Strawberry Shortcake, Caillou, The Smurfs, Miss Hollywood, Hello Kitty and Crayola.  In his talk, Michael will discuss the challenges and opportunities when offering premium content upgrades in kids apps.
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Kaja Kempf, Business Development Manager, AppAnnie

Facts and figures in the kids apps space

Discover the winning app formulas of the best in children’s apps. Kaja will offer you an insightful lesson on how you can use market data to launch successful apps that enrich the lives of children across the world. In this session, Kaja will reveal the biggest trends from the past year and which apps and publishers deserve the gold star. Learn about monetization trends, device preferences, & top categories locally and globally.

App Annie is the #1 decision-making platform for the mobile app economy. App Annie combines the analytics of one’s own apps with a granular understanding of the competition and market to provide a unique 360 degree view of one’s mobile business. Kaja Kempf is responsible for new business in Central Europe at App Annie.

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Oliver Hengstenberg – CEO & Co-Founder, Cribster

Oliver started programming by extending his little brother’s vocab trainer “app” with animated ascii surprises around 30 years ago. Since then he continued exploring the newest tech aside of his professional career as software engineer and consultant.
Cribster was founded 2010 and has a track record of award winning kids creativity apps FoldApps™ encouraging social play. FingerPaint Duel was their hit game of 2014. The whole team with Vicky and Janos is active in media education, and they strive to innovate and find new game mechanics with the company’s mantra: playing together creatively!

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Gaël de Dorlodot – Co-founder EDOKI

The challenges of rebranding from “Les Trois Elles” to “Edoki”, the challenges of rebranding (Micro-talk in the Pecha-Kucha-format)

Gaël is the co-founder of LES TROIS ELLES, a French developer specialized in Montessori based-educational apps, founded in 2010.
In 2014, Les Trois Elles decided to rebrand its 11 award-winning apps to EDOKI, to address their international clientele.
During a Pecha Kucha session, Gaël will highlight the story behind their rebranding, the challenges they met during the process and the key steps taken to successfully transition to their new identity.

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Willow Mellbratt – Toca Boca

Power of pure play

Willow Mellbratt is a play designer at Toca Boca, the game studio devoted to bringing fun, creative and gender neutral digital toys to kids all over the world. Willow has a Masters in Experience Design from Konstfack in Stockholm and has her background in digital play. While working at Penguin Books and IDEO she fell in love with roleplaying. Together with BRIO she has worked on a project entitled “Future of play”. At Toca Boca she now strives to bring play into every step of the design process.

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Barry O`Neill – StoryToys

Barry O’Neill is the CEO of StoryToys, a developer and publisher of award winning interactive books and games for young children. Founded in 2008, StoryToys set out to reinvent the digital book, to capture the tactility, substance and magic of a physical book that is often lost in the transition from print to screen. To this end, StoryToys invented the digital pop-up book and has achieved global success with its Grimm’s series of interactive pop-up books and other original innovate titles on app stores globally.

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Oleg Stavitsky – BUBL

Oleg Stavitsky is Co-Founder and CEO at Bubl, a digital art for kids brand from Russia. Bubl is making apps that expand children’s sensory diapason: they apply digital art, suprematism, minimalism and gaming mechanics and make apps that develop children’s creative skills. In his talk Oleg will explain how such an experiment like Bubl became possible, expand on the philosophy and UI design behind Bubl and will show Bubl’s third upcoming app along with Bubl iPad Case.

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Chris Haughton

Chris Haughton is the author of the highly acclaimed children storybooks: “A Bit lost” & “Oh No, George”. For his first app he decided not to build on his successful books and existing characters, rather he started from scratch and created a new character just for the mobile world – the Hat Monkey. Learn why it is different to illustrate for paper and pixel and why he decided not to port his books to mobile.

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Anttu Harlin – Gigglebug Entertainment

Gigglebug is an app and TV series based on contagious laughter! Anttu Harlin, CEO of Gigglebug Entertainment will share his thoughts on how start-ups have a unique opportunity for disrupting the pre-school market by combining agile app publishing with long term brand vision, TV and storytelling. When Gigglebug Entertainment design games, they think about evergreen play and learning patterns that make kids smile in the real world, and do their best to interpret those experiences for touch screens and TV.

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