Yuval Rechter – SVP Business Development, BabyFirst Mobile

How to climb the charts: a multi-channel marketing strategy

Yuval Rechter is SVP Business Development at BabyFirst Mobile, part of the BabyFirst TV Network for babies toddlers and their parents, available to over 50 million subscribers in the US and 90 million worldwide.
BabyFirst Mobile has recently launched an App Recommendation Network to assist parents finding the most suitable app for the pre-school kids and developers in getting discovered in the Appstores charts.
Yuval´s talk will be on how to successfully market a mobile app to kids (and their parents)? App store optimization and smart social strategies will only take you so far. The most popular kids apps deploy a multi-channel marketing strategy, drawing upon mobile, TV, online, social, influencers, ASO and more. He will share best practices for the multi-channel strategies BabyFirst has seen lead to success, for their own apps and others in their Mobile App Discovery Network.

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